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sacred_harlot ([personal profile] sacred_harlot) wrote2008-02-13 10:55 pm

Finally, its the S word!

There is not much more that can be said about today that has not already been said, and not being one to over state I wanted to mark this day by simply sharing with you all a poem I wrote in 2003!

Sorry Day – inspired by Dennis Fisher.

I am sorry that indigenous culture has been, and is still appropriated by past and present non-indigenous Australians.

I am sorry that I contribute to the silencing of yours and many other indigenous languages of this land.

I am sorry that we created an environment where all do not respect your identity.

I am sorry that we thrust English upon you and thought not that we should learn yours among the first nation tongues of this land a-plenty.

I am sorry that we have and are still taking away your children from your land, though missions they are no more, the preaching, dispossession and genocide lie still and clear.

I am sorry that you and yours can no longer walk into and gain sustenance from “natures shop” uniquely your own – the land.

I am sorry that me and mine call you names other than your first.

I am sorry that we are not as one yet brave enough to accept responsibility, acknowledge the pain and say sorry, with heartfelt tears and meaningful recompense, ask forgiveness for the hatred at you all these 200 odd years too many.

I am sorry that people treat you with disbelief as it is we who remain the thieves.

I am sorry that my culture disrespects what it means to be an aborigine.

Finally, I am not sorry that you have told the truth, I and many others have heard it loud and clear.

'Tis now the time for us to take heed, and turn our “sincere regret” into sorry – and then into deed.