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sacred_harlot ([personal profile] sacred_harlot) wrote2011-03-18 08:39 am

Our Shame - For Today!

R.I.P Miqdad Hussein, it is truly sad day and an indictment on our humanity as a world community when a 23 year old takes his own life whilst in the Australian immigration system of 'sorting' those who are seeking asylum! If we were a humanitarian society, it would be a safe harbour instead!

However, we have demonstrated time and time again throughout history that we just simply do not, as a society care about human suffering, and our Governmental policies and practices demonstrate this very clearly and without doubt... unless it is part of a huge disaster and we can throw money at it to be 'seen' as compassionate and generous, or we can stand righteously in judgment of how other countries behave! If anyone wonders if we are a racist country, this along with the NT Intervention (where the Govt suspended the Racial Discrimination Act in order to do so), along with a screed of other crimes against Aboriginal Australia cries a cacophony of yeses!

It is time that we are seen on the world stage for who we really are! I am even more ashamed to be an Australian today :-(.