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R.I.P Miqdad Hussein, it is truly sad day and an indictment on our humanity as a world community when a 23 year old takes his own life whilst in the Australian immigration system of 'sorting' those who are seeking asylum! If we were a humanitarian society, it would be a safe harbour instead!

However, we have demonstrated time and time again throughout history that we just simply do not, as a society care about human suffering, and our Governmental policies and practices demonstrate this very clearly and without doubt... unless it is part of a huge disaster and we can throw money at it to be 'seen' as compassionate and generous, or we can stand righteously in judgment of how other countries behave! If anyone wonders if we are a racist country, this along with the NT Intervention (where the Govt suspended the Racial Discrimination Act in order to do so), along with a screed of other crimes against Aboriginal Australia cries a cacophony of yeses!

It is time that we are seen on the world stage for who we really are! I am even more ashamed to be an Australian today :-(.
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**Warning, rant ahead**
Dear Maternity pad manufacturer,
I really love the colour of the pack, it is my favourite colour of the whole spectrum;  however, I wanted to let you know that I do not choose these pads only for the colour of the packaging. I am unfortunately forced to use your product due to the nature of my menstrual flow, not due to the arrival of my 'tiny bundle' as you put it! Whilst I accept that your product is aimed at women who have just given birth, and therefore may need to use '30 pads in the first week', as you advise, I use that amount every month and therefore am probably one of your best consumers! 
I would like to point out that whilst the tidbits of facts printed on the adhesive protector of the pad are rather amusing - the twee pap on the side panel of your packaging is not! As a regular consumer of this product I strongly disagree with your view and I think that it is highly inappropriate and insensitive promotion of your wares!
I also thought I might share with you a couple of pieces of customer feedback, (seeing as you have neglected to include an email address on the pack for consumer feedback - and yes I also acknowledge that you have included a snail mail address, but that would be way too slow for my purposes) - and therefore I thought I would vent here instead!
1) Women not ONLY use these pads when we have just given birth, some of us poor creatures just have extraordinarily heavy menstrual flow!
2) Other women who use these pads, may have in fact just miscarried a baby, or their baby may have died during the birthing process and therefore may also need a thicker pad; and whilst in practical terms the pad will not do such a bad job, the packaging will do an extraordinarily bad job on the emotions of this woman who is likely to be suffering grief and loss - so your packaging carrying joyful phrases about motherhood and sweet animated pics of contented babies, may not be something that she is in the right space to read or see whilst making her way through the 3 packs of pads that equal your (the manufacturers assessment) of 30 pads in the first week! Let alone for the person who may be purchasing them on her behalf, say the partner/s or parent/s or close friend who may also be suffering their own grief!
In conclusion, I have a useful suggestion, how about you use some sensitivity in your packaging design and spare those women who may be suffering grief and loss, an added reminder that they in fact will not have in their arms a 'tiny bundle' until they are able, nay fortunate enough, to sustain a very much wanted pregnancy next time!
Disgruntled consumer.  **End of Rant.**
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Hey there to all my friends and beyond - I really need to come on and make an update of what has been going on for me of late, note to self! I just wanted to stop by and show you something that one of my lj friends showed me, you may already know of it, but I think it is worth promoting!

Here's the link

Sacred Harlot.
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There is not much more that can be said about today that has not already been said, and not being one to over state I wanted to mark this day by simply sharing with you all a poem I wrote in 2003!

Sorry Day – inspired by Dennis Fisher.

I am sorry that indigenous culture has been, and is still appropriated by past and present non-indigenous Australians.

I am sorry that I contribute to the silencing of yours and many other indigenous languages of this land.

I am sorry that we created an environment where all do not respect your identity.

I am sorry that we thrust English upon you and thought not that we should learn yours among the first nation tongues of this land a-plenty.

I am sorry that we have and are still taking away your children from your land, though missions they are no more, the preaching, dispossession and genocide lie still and clear.

I am sorry that you and yours can no longer walk into and gain sustenance from “natures shop” uniquely your own – the land.

I am sorry that me and mine call you names other than your first.

I am sorry that we are not as one yet brave enough to accept responsibility, acknowledge the pain and say sorry, with heartfelt tears and meaningful recompense, ask forgiveness for the hatred at you all these 200 odd years too many.

I am sorry that people treat you with disbelief as it is we who remain the thieves.

I am sorry that my culture disrespects what it means to be an aborigine.

Finally, I am not sorry that you have told the truth, I and many others have heard it loud and clear.

'Tis now the time for us to take heed, and turn our “sincere regret” into sorry – and then into deed.

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